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Boho Byrd Co.

Unique Bird Fetish Necklace

Unique Bird Fetish Necklace

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Materials: Sterling Silver + Genuine Turquoise Pendant, faux turquoise, ivory, pink beads strung with sterling silver Native American birds in between

Measurements/ Size: 

Signatures or Markings: signed by designer "EE" & stamped sterling

Native American Handmade

Zuni fetishes are normally palm-sized carvings that take the form of different spiritually significant animals or figures that are said to hold different powers based on the form of the fetish. For example, different fetishes are thought to protect their owner from spiritual or physical harm, help cure disease, influence the weather, bring prosperity, and even promote fertility. Zuni fetishes, also known as wemawe, are thought to hold the spirit of the animal represented within the stone and pass on the characteristics it holds to its owner. However, the owner must stay vigilant in caring for the fetish, as it’s believed that the amount of attention given to the fetish dictates the amount of protection it can offer its owner.

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